Universal Music Malaysia is embarking on a MUSIC & ARTS for PEACE MISSION to Gaza, Palestine in cooperation with a Malaysian Humanitarian NGO – Aqsa Syarif from 15-21 January 2013.

Jes Ebrahim will be Universal Music’s Peace Ambassador on the mission.

The objective of the Mission is to bring Music & Arts into the lives of the children in a cross-cultural format between Malaysia and Palestine.

The mission consists of the following events:

1. School and Hospital Visits
a. Batik by Malaysian school children to be presented to colour up the classroom and wards.
b. Music performance
c. Wayang Kulit Show

2. School Twinning Program – between SK Bukit Damansara and Gaza Primary School
a. Handing over Donations collected by Malaysian students
b. Pen-Pal program launch
c. Teacher exchange program
d. Tree Planting

3. Gaza Student Search – program to select 4 children to receive full scholarships in Cempaka International Ladies College and Cempaka International Schools.

4. Children’s Music & Art Workshop – a one-day workshop with a community show finale.
a. Painting workshop – title ‘My Colorful Gaza’
b. Photography workshop – title ‘My Beautiful Gaza from the Eyes of the Children’
c. Batik workshop – title ‘From Gaza with Love’
d. Song Writing workshop – to write a song by Gaza children title ‘My Gaza, My Home’
e. Waste Material Drum Circle workshop – building drums and making music “Gaza Beats’
f. Wayang Kulit workshop – creating a story ‘My Wonderful Gaza’ with shadow puppets.

Note: All the art work and photos will be brought back to be exhibited and auctioned in Malaysia to raise funds that will be returned to Gaza. Future missions will be to Kenya, Turkey and Pakistan Refugee camps.