Malaysia’s rock Queen is back with a new single, Istimewah. This new single was produced and composed by Sam Bunkface, the vocalist of the band Bunkface. Since Bunkface is a Pop Punk band, this new Pop Rock single of Ella had been influenced by the genre and a bit punk.

Ella is a popular Malaysian rock singer. She is considered Malaysia’s Queen of Rock, an aptly title for being the most renowned female rock star since the start of the glorious rock era in Malay music. Ella’s more recognized hit songs spanned from the 1990s to today. She still holds the local record for the bestselling female artist for pushing more than 300,000 copies of her records during the peak of her career.

Istimewah is a combination of two Malay words, Istimewa, and Mewah. Istimewa means special, while mewah means luxury. This single express the singer’s praises for her true lover as a special person. Istimewah will be the 2nd single featured in Ella’s new album that is expected to be completed in May 2015.

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